So You Want to Become a Professional Gambler?

Posted on 15th January 2015

While the casino halls of the world are littered with stories of those who thought they’d win it all, only to lose everything there are also the stories that you don’t hear of as often. Stories of success, where individuals were able to take their enjoyment of gaming to the next level by going professional.

However, one of the things that you read or hear about even less often than individuals who made it to the big leagues by becoming a pro gambler is “how” they did it. However, don’t worry. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to do the research for you to find the common threads that tie these seemingly hidden stories together.


Why Transition from Recreational to Professional?

Perhaps, before diving into how others before you were able to go from occasional gambler to full on professional gamer, the first question that needs to be answered why anyone would want to do this. This could be one of those questions that only you can answer. However, some of the reasons that others who chose to go down this path, before you, have given for wanting to become a professional gambler include:

  • Observing Their Own Income Patterns – Many have indicated that the moment they realized that they were already deriving most of their income from gambling, that was the very moment that they decided to turn their gambling hobby into a fulltime career.
  • Unusual Ability – Others decided that they wanted to become professional gamblers’ after noticing that they were so much better than the average gambler, as evidenced by winnings, discipline and other factors.
  • Exposure – Let’s face it, the game of gambling can be highly glamorous. Especially, when you’re winning. The exposure that comes with beating the house can lead to separate opportunities in and of themselves. Perhaps the only other professional careers where you could experience this level of recognition are professional sports or professional entertainment, hence many professional gamblers chose to go pro for this reason alone.

Know Your Game

Before you can make the leap from casual gambler to becoming a professional sports better, casino gambler or online poker player you must be willing to do what the other 90% to 95% refuse to do – study the game! It doesn’t matter which casino game you choose to adopt, one thing remains constant; if you understand the odds and are able to anticipate the house’s moves with above average accuracy you will improve your odds.

Preparing to Go Pro

Besides knowing your game, there are other steps that you must take to prepare yourself to become a professional gambler. These include steps like disciplining yourself, engaging in countless hours of practice and setting aside the appropriate amount of reserves. It should also be noted that a great place to hone your gambling skills before going pro is online. Unibet is one such online gaming destination. On top of this, you will need to develop a rock solid mindset so that you have the strength to walk away from it all at a moment’s notice; should the need arise.

Be Aware of the Risks

No professional ever goes into a job not knowing all of the risks that await them and neither should you. Make a habit of counting up all of the risks that could meet you at the casinos and be prepared to leave the tables the moment that the risks total more than the sum of what you stand to gain. While this may sound simple at first glance, assessing your exposure to risk falls into the category of things that’s easier said than done.


The next time you hear a tale of a gambler who made it big after going pro, remember these lessons. More importantly, don’t take anything that you’ve read today as the gospel truth. Instead, do your own research and try to continue building upon these tips so that you can know for sure whether you truly have what it takes to become a professional gambler.


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