Are Mobile Casino Games better with Android or Apple?

Posted on 14th September 2017

Apple versus Android – it is a battle that has been going on for quite some time and looks to continue even longer. Even though many people still hold Apple in high regard (and for good reason mind you), Android is quickly gaining more and more market share amongst mobile users. What is the best platform for your mobile casino game? If you are interested in playing free online slots on your smartphone or tablet, there are a few things that you should know.


Android is not just one specific phone, but it is the inclusive name of Google’s mobile operating system. It is currently the most popular operating system in the world and it is in use in a few of the most popular mobile devices across the globe. It is also the main driving force behind some of the most popular tablets in the world.

While Apple is extremely protective of its software and what it allows on its marketplace, the Android marketplace is far more inclusive. This means that Aussies who want to gamble often have more options on Android, while it also means that they have fewer guidelines or safeguards. Especially on the recently released Galaxy S7, you have a truly spectacular screen that makes any casino app pop.


While Apple does not have the great global market share that Android does anymore, they do have amazing customer satisfaction that is the highest in the mobile industry. One of the drawbacks that Apple has is that it is rather protective of its software. Android is far more inviting to third-party developers. Each product created by a software developer is going to be vetted by Apple itself. For those who are playing in grey markets (which includes the United States for example) it often means these online casino software options are not going to run on their Apple device without jailbreaking.

Fortunately for Aussies, Australis does have legalized options, which means that many of the online casinos are going to work directly on Apple’s mobile iOS software. A number of the better options for Aussies do have their own version of a mobile casino app like Spin Palace Mobile Casino app – the top rated online casino for Australians

The Verdict

The truth is that most online casinos are going to give Aussies a rewarding experience, regardless of whether you play with an Android device or an Apple device. It does not matter whether you play on Android, Apple, your tablet or your computer – you are able to enjoy fun games anywhere you want. Both different operating systems have a number of different benefits. There is no clear winner, except for the Aussie gambling public.

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